Kwan Jin: A Man of Honor & Success

Kwan Sung Jin, Honorable Business Man & Tax Payer

Kwan Jin of Phoenix, AZ

One of the defining attributes of life in America is that people from all over the world can come here and settle down. People from Europe, Asia, Africa, and Oceania come here to settle down and find prosperity. In 1982, Kwan Jin and his family moved from South Korea to America, seeking the fortune and opportunity that was not present at home. While today Kwan is regarded as a beloved part of his community in Phoenix, Arizona, his family had to work extremely hard to find a happy life in America.

In the early days, Kwan watched as his parents worked multiple jobs and did everything they could to grasp English. While this posed challenges in early life, Kwan took inspiration from his parent’s desire to settle into a happy new life in one of the most prosperous countries in the world. As Kwan grew, he focused on improving his English fluency to help boost his ability to settle into a new country and to ensure he could find the academic performance required to progress in life.

Kwan Sung Jin Land Development

After mastering the English language and achieving academic success through a university degree, Kwan moved to join the United States Marine Corps. 

In the Marines, he learned the crucial skills to succeed: consistency, commitment, discipline, dedication, and honor. Across six years in the US Marines, in which Kwan was deployed to Iraq, he overcame many obstacles. These challenges and disciplines helped build the personality and commitment to progress Kwan desired. They instilled the drive and desire needed to ensure a future career in the entrepreneurial world.

A Business Mind Honed In The Military

Kwan eventually moved on from the military and moved into the world of business analysis and business negotiation. Working across numerous international business ventures, Kwan worked in industries as diverse as real estate and business start-ups. During this time, he also honed his skills with the Spanish language, helping him to work further and develop a connection within the large Spanish-speaking community in Arizona.
By being able to help those without English fluency in the area to complete real estate deals, Kwan used his dedication to self-improvement and his desire to help others. Over time, Kwan found roles within various private equity firms and public corporations. As the years progressed, his experience in the industry ensured that he would become a trusted, essential voice to many within his industry.
With a desire for more self-improvement and learning, though, Kwan also continued to develop his skills, turning his MBA into the pursuit of a doctorate. Today, Kwan continues his studies to work towards his evolution as a person and professional. For many, Kwan is an example of what can be achieved with a commitment and desire to work, to persevere through struggle, and to take one’s skills to the very limit of their capabilities. For many in his community, he is an example.
Apart from his professional growth, Kwan is a committed family man who loves helping charitable events locally; Kwan has engrossed himself in the community and wider region. Contributing his time and effort to those who need him most, Kwan desires to ensure that he can pass on his experience and his story to help others see that, even from humble beginnings, greatness can be achieved by all.

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